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A Health Guarantee? (cont...)
Always A Fair Shake...
We want to deliver to you the best golden retriever possible. To that end, we use our many years of experience coupled with some of the latest diagnostic tests to ensure you the healthiest puppy around. Despite our best efforts, occasionally health concerns arise; many of these are normal. Nonetheless, please contact us immediately for our assistance in getting the most accurate diagnosis and treatment for your dog.

Golden retrievers can be subject to three known hereditary conditions, namely 1) hereditary heart defects, 2) hereditary hip dysplasia, and 3) hereditary blindness. None of these conditions are "normal," and your new puppy is guaranteed to be free from these stated hereditary defects for a period of 24 months from his or her birth date. This timeframe allows ample opportunity for testing, since these conditions can definitively be diagnosed usually by 18 months of age or earlier.
If any of these problems should occur, and after consulting with a licensed Veterinarian who has diagnosed the problem, and based on the requirements under The Not So Fine Print below, Gold Country Goldens will replace your dog free of charge from the next available litter. The dog must be returned to seller before replacement or refund is given. If you decide to keep the dog, as much as 50% of the original purchase price may be reimbursed, dependent upon the condition of the dog and the opinions of the licensed Veterinaran(s). We want you and your dog to be happy.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your Gold Country Golden retriever for many years to come. If for any reason your new puppy--or older dog--does not work out for you (death in the family, disability, change in home or work circumstances, etc.), please feel free to call us and we will help you place your Golden in a new home.

The not so fine print:

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(Cont...) We have many years of these dogs behind us and can usually suggest some sort of remedy. Goldens, in our experience, like to please and if worked with properly can always be counted on to perform.
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