Communication is key, and to that end we are happy to give our customers and potential customers our information. High priority email is our favored way to communicate. These messages are forwarded to our cellphones immediately, and one of us will get in contact with you within the hour. Please be aware that if this is an emergency and it's the middle of the night (Pacific time) you're probably better served to call the number(s) below.
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For those regular questions that do not require a quick answer, please click here. We will respond, but it might take up to 72 hours, if it's the weekend.
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Please note the time of day before calling. During the day, dial (530) 334-3014. In the evening, dial (530) 333-7001. Please do not phone after 9p.m. unless it is an emergency.

...To hear from you! Remember, there are no stupid questions. Take a shot, grab life, give us a jingle, whatever. We love to talk Goldens. From our family to yours, may your life be enlivened with a Golden to love--All the Best, from George, Paige, Emi, and Holli.
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